If your business or organization is interested in learning more about BrookLynk or hosting an intern this summer, please contact Luis Salado-Herrera at luis.salado@brooklynk.works

Employers who participate in BrookLynk are leaders in their respective industries as they understand the importance of investing in our young people. Their investment ensures that we are preparing our young people to  be the highly skilled and diverse workforce that our community needs in this global economy. BrookLynk partners with local employers, ranging from large multi-national companies to small family-owned businesses, to coordinate paid summer internships that introduce a dynamic and diverse population of young people from Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park to a variety of career opportunities. 

Since the summer of 2015, BrookLynk has connected nearly 200 highly-motivated and trained young people to professional internship opportunities with over 20 different businesses and organizations. BrookLynk isn't just a strategy to increase a businesses or organizations social capital, it's also a strategy to create a local talent pipeline and to get assistance on several projects during the summer. 

As BrookLynk grows its impact in the community, we are looking to engage employer partners that want to make a meaningful investment in the community and their organization. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a BrookLynk employer, or have questions, please contact Luis Salado-Herrera at luis.salado@brooklynk.works or at 612-834-6108. 


Why Do Employers Participate In BrookLynk?

To Increase Talent Pipelines

Strengthening the local workforce has substantial benefits to our local economy and the prosperity of our community. 

To Increase Diversity

Whether it's diversity of thought, or diversity of talent, many employers want to diversify their organization and industry to stay competitive and improve the quality of their work. 


Assistance on Projects

Have a project that's been sitting around, or need additional help with specific work? Interns produce real results for real work

Professional Development Opportunities

Supervising a BrookLynk intern is a great opportunity for young staff to develop their management and supervision skills.


What Do Employers Provide? 

  • A paid 6-9  week summer internship between June 19th - August 18th 
  • A professional work experience with a capstone project
  • 15-30 hours per week of work
  • A wage of at least $9.25 per hour 
  • A supervisor who can mentor and coach their intern(s)

What Does BrookLynk Provide?

  • Assistance with developing a high-quality internship opportunity
  • Training for young people and supervisors 
  • Materials, resources, and supports for supervisors 
  • Diverse, dynamic, and highly motivated young talent
  • Supports and resources for interns 

BrookLynk Employer Timeline

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BrookLynk Employer Resources

For a full list of resources for employers, click here


How Else to Be Involved

Maybe your business or organization isn't ready to host an intern this summer, no worries, there are other ways to make a meaningful investment in our collective work. If your business or organization is interested in participating in any of the opportunities below, contact Luis at Luis.Salado@brooklynk.works for more information. 

Participate in Mock Interviews

Every spring, young people take part in mock interviews to prepare for their summer jobs and internships. Participating in mock interviews is a great opportunity for a team, department, or entire company to get involved and support young people as they grow their professional development skills. 

Host a Site-Visit

Every year, BrookLynk coordinates with local business and organizations to coordinate site visits. Site-visits are a great opportunity for employers to connect with and educate current BrookLynk youth about their specific business or industry. During site-visits youth tour the campus, learn about the careers available, and participate in on-site panel interviews with young dynamic professionals. 

Share Professional Experiences

Whether you have 20 years of experience in industry, or have just begun your career, you can provide valuable perspectives and insights that can propel a young person to their future career. BrookLynk coordinates guest speakers and panels to speak with young people in a variety of capacities. Opportunities for professionals to share their experience include being guest speakers and being a part of panel conversations.



Sponsor a BrookLynk Event

Every year BrookLynk coordinates community events that bring together local employers and young people with the goal to help prepare young people with the skills, experiences, and social capital they need to be successful. Sponsoring the BrookLynk Youth Job Fair, Alumni Networking Event, or Get Ready! training's is a great way for your business or organization to get involved and establish a presence.