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Become a BrookLynk Intern, Invest in Your Future

BrookLynk coordinates paid summer internships with local employers in Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park, and surrounding areas. BrookLynk summer internships are more than just a summer job, they are a stepping stone for young people as they begin their pathway to college and career. BrookLynk internships provide young people an opportunity to build their skills, gain valuable work experience and to grow their social capital.


Who Can Be An Intern?

To be considered for an internship, young people must:

  • Be 16-21 years old by June 1, 2019

  • Live or attend school in Brooklyn Center or Brooklyn Park

  • Face a barrier to employment

  • Not be currently enrolled as a college student

  • Full list of eligibility criteria can be found here

Complete all of the following:

  • Intake interview

  • Get Ready! Pre-employment Training

  • Mock interviews

Benefits of Being a BrookLynk Intern

Participating in BrookLynk and interning over the summer with a local employer provides great benefits!

Develop Essential Work Skills! 

You will be learning strong professional skills such as effective communication and teamwork that are essential for success in other parts of your life.

Gain Valuable and Unique Resume Experience! 

By working in a professional environment, you gain experience and professional skills that set you apart from other candidates for future jobs and college recommendations.

Build Your Professional Network! 

Through your internship you'll be able to connect with and meet professionals who can help support your college and career pathway.

Explore Careers That Interest You! 

We match you to the internship opportunity that best matches your skills and career interests.


Join the Brooklynk Family!

You are supported through your internship experience by BrookLynk staff and your intern peers. After your internship is complete you are invited to be a part of the BrookLynk Alumni Network, which is there to support you as you continue your pathway to college and career.

Grow Your Bank Account! 

During your internship, you can earn between $9.86 - $15 per hour! Your pay rate is dependent on the organization you intern for and your level of experience. 

Steps to Become a BrookLynk Intern

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