Our mission is to coordinate partnerships that prepare employers to engage the next generation of workers and to connect young people in the Brooklyns facing barriers to employment  with the skills, experience, and professional social networks needed to develop their pathway to college and career. 



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Looking to land a summer job, or begin your professional career? Attend our Get Ready! Training to learn great job skills and to be eligible for a paid summer internship with a local employer. Click below to learn how to get involved.

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Is your business or organization ready to make a strategic investment into talent and workforce development? Then explore the opportunity of hosting summer interns with BrookLynk. We help coordinate professional internships between highly motivated young people and local employers. Click below to learn about our work and how you can help shape our future workforce. 



There are many ways you can invest into the futures of our young people and community. Click below to learn more about how you can help make a difference through volunteering.



"My BrookLynk internship truly opened many doors for me. I enjoyed having the opportunity to shadow different departments within my company and develop relationships with many new people."