The BrandLab

Words Matter: Intent vs. Impact

Suzanne Oh, Fearless Director

Attendees will explore unconscious bias, how they show up in the workplace, and how they impact marginalized communities. Participants will then practice addressing biases in the workplace and walk away with tools to help create an inclusive and safe culture in the workplace.

Leave Behinds:
Fearless Iceberg - Waterline of Visibility
Supervisor Training Scenarios
Addressing Bias in the Workplace

Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Championing an Inclusive and Equitable Work Culture

Attendees will learn practical ways to build more inclusive and welcoming environments for all in policy and practice. Attendees will learn promising practices of how to be diversity, equity and inclusion champions and build full organization buy-in and engagement.

MENTOR Minnesota

Connect. Focus. Grow. - Effective Mentoring

Jess Anna Glover, Executive Director 

Attendees will unpack the importance of effective developmental and mentoring relationships in the workplace. Supervisors will learn methods of how to connect effectively with their intern, focus the scope of their relationship and help their intern grow.

Leave Behind:
Search Institute's Developmental Relationship Framework

Knowing how to provide effective feedback and build the professional skills of staff is critical to supervisors and the success of their team. In a workshop hosted by the Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth, supervisors will be introduced to the MHA Labs Skills development framework which provides constructive methods for providing feedback and using conversation as a tool for professional development. Supervisors will be equipped with the resources and knowledge they need to effectively build the skills of their interns and staff.

Leave Behinds:
Feedback Formula
MHA Labs Hireability Skills
Power Skills and Attitudes
Practice Scenarios

The Brooklyn Bridge Alliance for Youth

Skill Building through the MHA Labs Framework

Ivan Lui, Data and Quality Coordinator
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